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Every once in a while, you will see someone on Twitter who has an obscene amount of followers.  Most people imagine having hundreds of thousands of followers, and being able to influence so many people at once with the typing of a keyboard. So how do they do it?  Their tweets are valuable!  Every person with a ton of Twitter followers got that way because their followers gained something from following them.  Perhaps they get a laugh, unique tips and tricks, or even an interesting story.  You will never see someone with that many followers just tweet about what they’re eating for lunch.

Twitter republic picture
Twitter has more people than some countries – CC License Scott Beale of Flickr

So what do you have to do to get followers on Twitter? Show that you have information that is valuable to whoever your target audience happens to be.  If you are a writer, Tweet to other similar writers about something that his and your audience are both interested in.  If his followers see your related tweet, they may follow you if it is interesting enough.

Another example is if you sell a certain type of product. Search for people on twitter who want to buy your type of product and send them a personalized tweet suggesting your product, while possibly even offering a discount.  People really like it when a company takes the time to cater to them individually, and it shows great customer service.  However, the sole purpose of your Twitter account should not be to try and push your product, because people will ignore it.  You should tweet out cool tips and tricks, for example, that are related to the industry you are in.

When starting a Twitter account, it’s important to be patient, because no one gained a million followers over night.  If you are active and valuable on Twitter, you will get a good following eventually, and the more followers you get, the easier it is to get more.

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