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A Camera Rig

YouTube has always been a place where anyone can upload a video to the internet to share with the world.  However, it has transformed from somewhere only inhabited by amateurs to a place where even professional video studios put their work to get massive traffic.  The rise of channel “Networks” is one example of this: Million-dollar companies that promise to aid youtube creators in making videos through promotion and support.  So one may begin to think, is it even worth it for a newbie to start making videos at this point? Has the door already closed on the average Joe?  I say not yet, but it is closing.

A Camera Rig
A professional TV camera – CC License peprice on Flickr

It used to be that someone could make a ‘pretty decent’ video and get tons of hits on YouTube, but now even highly skilled video producers are competing for those views.  There’s plenty of traffic to go around, but I wouldn’t be surprised if in the near future people were only looking at the very best content.  Some YouTubers even make videos as their full-time job, so you can understand how the average person would have trouble getting spotted when such heavy hitters are shoving out content like it’s… their job (because it is).

But like I said, viewership is ever increasing on YouTube, and more videos are watched every month.  If you can build an audience while this trend continues, you should be in good shape.  However, if you wait until things flatten out, those already at the top will have a much easier time.  The only advice I can give you is to not delay!  Start now, doing anything.  Even if you start making crap, you will surely improve just from experience, and that’s what all the ‘professionals’ did anyway.  You have to get good while the window is still open, and that takes time.

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