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Facebook Vs Twitter

Come social media sites are better for certain purposes than others, and that’s what this post is all about.  You may be wondering, why do you need a Twitter account if you have a Facebook page, or vice verse.  My suggestion is to use both, and any other social media tools you can manage to stay active on.  Each social media site has a different user base, so if you can tap into more than one, all the better.  Let’s talk about the strengths of Twitter and Facebook over each other.

Twitter is most useful as a broadcast tool.  Interaction with people is limited to sending tweets to others, so it’s not optimal for having conversations.  However, if you have a huge number of followers, a short tweet can be instantly delivered to all these people.  Furthermore, your followers can also choose to re tweet you, giving even more exposure to whatever you have to say.  While you can obviously make a post on a Facebook page, it’s not even guaranteed that all of the people who like that page will see it!  Though, if someone following you on Twitter is following lots of people, you might be pushed to the bottom of their feed.  The reason someone follows you on Twitter is because they want to hear what you have to say, and expects high quality Tweets.

Facebook Vs Twitter
Facebook vs Twitter Users – CC License L.e.e of Flickr

Facebook is slightly different from Twitter, in that it is much more suitable for conversations.  People can post on your page wall, and you can reply to those individual people via comments without announcing it to everybody.  You can also make posts which your page fans will most likely see, and they can interact with that post.  One of the main differences, I think, between Twitter and Facebook is that if someone “likes” a Facebook page, they don’t necessarily expect any content from that page.  When someone likes a page, it just means that they like that brand, person, etc.  This is because liking a page serves other purposes than only receiving broadcasts: it allows one to express their enjoyment of your brand, interact with you, as well as receiving content.

I hope you can see the subtle differences between these sites.  Twitter is essentially a broadcast platform, and interraction between brand and follower is limited to tweets and retweets.  This is good for getting messages out quickly to those who are specifically interested in them.  Facebook appeals to a more massive audience, but may be less useful for broadcasting because of the way Facebook puts your content in followers’ timelines.  However, Facebook is much more suited for interactions.

So to answer the question in the title, neither is better.  They each really serve different purposes and are good at these respective uses.  Even still, you shouldn’t limit yourself to these two sites.  I recommend using as many as you can manage, including Tumblr, Youtube, Instagram, and anything else you can think of.

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