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Right now, Facebook seems to be unstoppable.  With more users than the number of citizens in some countries, you might wonder how anything could ever beat it.  It was a similar situation with Myspace, and now that is completely dead, but Facebook is different in at least one major way.  You see, unlike Myspace, Facebook has become integrated into the everyday lives of millions of people.

Facebook Login
Facebook is Popular World-Wide – CC License “” of Flickr

There are FB apps for Xbox, Playstation, your phone, blu-ray players, and many more devices.  Myspace was before this age, and Facebook took advantage of all the ways they could possible propagate their service.  So with it being so ingrained in every day life, could something overtake it? I think the answer is yes, eventually.

A lot of people have a bone to pick with Facebook.  The site’s privacy policy has always been under close scrutiny, and on numerous occasions, the very morality of the company has been questioned.  Remember the time Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, was revealed to have called FB users “dumb f@#ks”?  Not the greatest move for your public relations.  Then if so many people dislike Facebook and its policies, why is it so popular?  My theory is that it’s because everyone else uses it.  Google released their Google+ service, but it wasn’t widely adopted by the general public.  Even if it is a superior service, no one is going to use a site that none of their friends use, that’s the whole point!

So what will it take for a new service to take over Facebook as the next social media king?  There are two qualifications I think it has to have for it to really become successful. The first is better privacy settings; Facebook’s privacy settings right now are just horrible, and they can essentially use your pictures commercially however they like.  This shouldn’t fly, and it would be a great move for any new company to earn the trust of users by maintaining their right to privacy.  As a matter of fact, there was a huge backlash against Instagram when they tried to change the terms of service to allow the company to use people’s pictures for advertising.  Instagram ended up changing their mind because of the commotion it caused, thankfully.

Google+ is an alternative to Facebook – CC License “ivanpw” of Flickr

The second criteria I think a social media site would have to have is to listen to their user-base more.  Every time Facebook changes their user interface or profile design, it seems that everybody gets mad about it.  Personally, I didn’t mind any of the updates, until timeline.  Timeline is the first update that I really believe a majority of people disliked, and Facebook essentially knew that they could do it anyway.  If a competitor were to listen to their users, perhaps letting them vote on new updates, I think it would not only leave people more satisfied, but also improve the site itself.  Often times, the users think of ideas that the company never did.

If we ever see the fall of Facebook, I’ll be happy.  Frankly, their shady business practices have forever left a bad taste in my mouth, and I would jump at the opportunity to use widely adopted alternative.  But until then, I’ll just not upload anything to my Facebook profile, as usual.



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