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Psy Dancing
Psy Dancing
Psy performing Gangnam Style – CC License

Every time a new huge viral video comes around, people inevitably ask “I wonder why that went viral”.  While this question is very difficult to answer, I thought I would give my theory on qualities of a viral video.

The first thing about a viral video is that it must be one of a kind.  When someone sees a viral video, they have never seen anything like it.  There is something that makes it totally unique.  This leads to what actually makes the video go viral: The first reaction someone has after watching the viral video is to share it.  Sure, you can advertise the heck out of a video by paying tens of thousands of dollars on your favorite ad network, but that won’t make a video go viral.  If you make a video that makes people say “Bill/Susy/Bob has to see this!”, you may have a viral video.

The final part of the factor in the equation is chance.  That’s right, even if you have a totally unique video that makes people want to share it, it could simply just not go viral.  What made Gangnam Style get a billion views while other funny viral songs only get 10 Million?  Well, there is really no way to tell; it just does.  As a matter of fact, most people who make a video never expect that one to go viral.

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