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This discussion is going to assume that you want to create a YouTube channel not for the purpose of advertising a business, but as a sole entity. For example, you will create entertainment videos, informational videos, etc, and not just videos talking about your products.

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When someone starts a YouTube channel with hopes of either doing it as their full time job or at least as a secondary income, there are a few one must do to succeed.

  1. Upload Content Regularly

    If you want to have any type of success on YouTube, you need to create some sort of schedule for releasing videos and stick to it.  For my channel, I create videos once a week, and have done so every week for the past year.  People will be more likely to subscribe if they know they have more to look forward to.  Also, more videos means more exposure and views.  Still more, sticking to a schedule will force you to make videos even if you don’t necessarily feel like it, which is what all professional creators do.  It’s better to release something than nothingsince if you fall out of the loop, it’s hard to start again.

  2. Decide on Purpose and Audience

    I talked a little bit about purpose and audience in another post, but it’s so important that I will do it again here.  Never just hit record on your video camera and expect a great video to result.  You should plan your video while thinking, “Who will be watching this video?” and “What will the viewers gain by watching this video?”.  These are critical questions to produce a meaningful video.  For example, if you want to make a video targeted towards the elderly, do not make a rap video.

  3. Make Videos People Will Share

    Popular videos are popular for a reason.  It’s not just enough to make a video that people will just watch, but instead you must make videos people will share with their friends.  Say you have 1,000 subscribers, and assume every single one will watch your videos.  If the video is OK, they will watch it, enjoy it, and that’s the end of it.  However, how can you expect to grow your audience in this case?  You have to make a video so great that those 1,000 subscribers will want to share their friends; this will grow your audience and is a critical concept.


I hope these three basic ideas will help you get started and continue making videos.  Most people give up without realizing that although your videos might suck now, as you make more you will improve.  Every popular YouTuber started out making mediocre videos, and gained knowledge and experience over time to make amazing videos.  Don’t expect to get that overnight.  These concepts above should push you in the right direction.

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