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Why you Need One Now

Mac Keyboard
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When I started out on YouTube, I didn’t even think about making profiles on Twitter, Facebook, or anywhere else.  By the time I got around to making these profiles, I already had thousands of subscribers on YouTube, but my social media sites were obviously blank!  Since a small percentage of my subscribers will also follow me on Twitter or ‘like’ my Facebook page, I missed out on a pretty big chunk of people.  Even if you don’t have a huge fan or customer base, you want to establish your social media sites as early as possible.  They are meant to grow slowly overtime, and after a while you will have a big following.  Also, if you happen to get a sudden spike in traffic, you’ll be ready to retain some of those potential customers in the form of Facebook fans or Twitter followers.

What it will do for you Later

As your social media sites grow along your business, you’ll be able to promote your business using these platforms.  Now Facebook even allows you to use their own promotion service to maximize the exposure of posts you make to your followers, and Twitter is rolling out a similar service.  Because so many people use Facebook, it will be an invaluable tool when you want to announce a new product or service.  You won’t have to rely on an email list alone (which you should also have).  Social media sites are designed so that other people can see what their friends are doing, so whenever your fan likes your announcement, all of their friends will see it too.  You can see how even having a small dedicated customer/fan base can help incredibly.

Update Often from the Beginning

A lot of people will make a fan page and never post on it, because they think, “no one will see it, so what’s the point?”  However, if they never post on it, there will be no reason for anyone to follow the page in the first place!  If someone visits your Facebook page with the intention to like it, but they see that you never update it, then they have no reason to follow it.  The same is especially true for Twitter, where people are expected to post updates often.  You need to make sure you post frequent updates as soon as you start the account, so that future fans will have a reason to follow you.

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